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"Having our home built by Jeff Holder Builders was truly a great experience. We could not give a higher recommendation. From the moment we met at the time of our lot purchase, it was clear that we had to go no further to select a builder. The construction project proceeded without problems. The carpenters and other subs were first class, and they all liked cookies and Kentucky Fried Chicken. We were particularly pleased that we didn't have to search around for bathroom fixtures, lighting, tile and floor coverings, kitchen appliances, TV and sound equipment, and the like. Jeff Holder has suggested suppliers for all of these at competitive prices. Overall, the quality of work is superb. The completed home meets our every expectation, and importantly, it was built on time and for just a bit under the budgeted cost. Hurrah for Jeff and Bobby!"

  - Ralph & Mary S.

"We were very pleased with the entire building process with JHB that resulted in a beautiful home. This customer centric professionalism, even extended to follow-up details when required after we moved in."

  - Kevin G. & Barbara E.

"We are thrilled with our custom home, built by Jeff Holder Builders. When we were selecting a builder for our home, we wanted a builder who was competent, honest, easy to deal with, and as prudent with our money as they would be with their own. JHB exceeded all of our expectations in these regards. From our first budget discussion until the completion of our punch list, JHB was the perfect partner for our project. They began by reviewing our designs, offering suggestions that both improved the quality of our house and lowered its cost. Then, they developed a cost estimate that was thorough, transparent, and ultimately, very accurate. Their estimating and budgeting process offered both the flexibility to make changes and the assurance that we would stay on budget. From grading and framing until painting and cleaning, JHB and their subcontractors did only the highest quality work. We could not be happier with the .fit and finish. of our home. Best of all, JHB was a delight to work with. Not only did they build us a fantastic home, we had fun doing it. We would most definitely choose JHB again!"

  - Robert & Eydie C.

"From the very first meeting with this team walking our lot, they were very helpful optimizing the trade-offs between cost, what we wanted in terms of house/garage/lake access, and the lot/land we owned. This included cost effectively positioning the house and garage, shaping the drive, and addressing a range of elevation issues. This is a critical part of the process, and they were very effective at it.

They were also very helpful in our managing the cost of the house, with a detailed budget upfront, detailed breakdowns of the money spent as we progressed, and updated estimates of areas yet to be spent but where revisions were evident. We began with a long and creative meeting to identify cost savings options, as well as where a little more money might give a big functional or aesthetic lift, then locked into a plan. They were also helpful working out the inevitable cost issues with sub-contractors. Ultimately we came in very close to original budget, with several significant cost reduction opportunities brought to us, and several more upgrade ideas we were willing to spend on.

In the end, the quality of construction is impressive, and far exceeds that of our primary home in Atlanta. This goes from structural elements to exterior durability, to interior fit and finish. Our friends are amazed when they come for a visit, we are very proud of the place, and appreciate what Jeff and Bobby (and of course Rodney) helped us create!"

  - Marty & Ashley A.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for such a wonderful building experience. We have worked with several construction companies over the past 10 years in remodeling our home in Atlanta, and have never had any contractor that even comes close to comparing to your company. From start to finish, your team was extrememly thorough and professional. Building a home from out of town made me quite nervous initially, but I quickly learned that Bobby was well on top of everything and caught things even I probably would not have noticed had I been there daily. He knew our desires and the house plans perfectly. He was quick to make changes and consult with me only if necessary. This allowed me to be at ease with the construction from afar. He worked hand in hand with our architect to be sure the construction went smoothly and as planned. From budgeting to creating a beautiful top quality home I could not have been more pleased and impressed with Jeff Holder Builders. We look forward to many years of fun up at the lake! Many thanks!!"

  - Nicole M.

"Bobby, Jeff, and the whole Holder construction team were great to work with. They finished the house on time so we had the entire summer to enjoy it. The finished house is probably the best built house I have ever been in. It makes our primary residence look shabby. I really have no complaints."

  - Jim and Beth H.

As I sit on the back deck of our lake house at the Reserve watching the sunset, I felt it was an appropriate time to send you just a brief note of thanks to the team that partnered with us in the creation of our dream home. I use the term 'partnered' because that's exactly the kind of relationship we had working with Jeff Holder Builders. They seemed just as much interested in making our dream a reality as we did. The quality of the workmanship was exceptional which I assume was a result of the very close supervision provided by Jeff Holder and Bobby Cummins. The team kept in very close contact with us regarding all important decisions.

Having built other homes in the past, I was especially please with the transparency of the financial aspects of construction. In the past with other builders it seemed like we never knew what we were paying for or what the cost of the final product would be. With Jeff Holder Builders we were able to understand the financial end of the building process. Honesty and dedication to customer satisfaction were apparent at all times.

Simply put - no regrets and many thanks,

  - John and Patty P.

I highly recommend Jeff Holder Builders. They just completed construction of our new home at The Reserve. Overall, my husband, Joe, and I had an outstanding experience working with Jeff Holder, Bobby Cummins, their assistant, Rodney Crenshaw, and all their sub-vendors. Jeff Holder is extremely experienced and informed us clearly of our costs, time-frames, etc. The quality of his work, along with his ability to construct very challenging designs, such as a Keith Summerour home, is wonderful. Bobby Cummins was the main liaison for our project. He is always cheerful, direct, and on top of all matters. Bobby has a gift for attention to detail, organization, and communication. Often, he provided me with many suggestions which saved us a great deal of money. Both Jeff and Bobby worked hard to offer us the most value-engineered options without sacrifice to quality or aesthetic.

In summary, my recommendation for Jeff Holder Builders includes the following:

  • Extremely easy to communicate with throughout the project and with excellent availability. Many times they met with us after hours to work on details.
  • Excellent group of sub-contractors who are reliable and loyal. Every one of their sub-contractors beat the cost of the Atlanta architect's recommended vendors by 50% without sacrificing quality.
  • Timely: they do what they say they will and will keep you abreast of all developments and deadlines for decision-making.
  • Prompt and complete problem solving: If you have a problem, then they address it promptly and resolve it smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to fight for anything that was done contrary to my wishes. Furthermore, they were honest and open about any problems or challenges that occurred.
  • Fantastic attention to detail: Bobby identified any issues long before I noticed them and was quick to resolve them. Often times he recognized concerns and re-worked things even before I realized there was an issue. He noticed items that I probably wouldn.t have cared much about and I appreciated his forthrightness.
  • Good aesthetic sensibilities: Both Jeff and Bobby have great taste and during a custom home construction, with a million decisions to make and architects and designers suggesting things, it is important to have a builder who appreciates your aesthetic goal and works closely with you to achieve it!
  • Affordable: Our home construction cost was very close to budget thanks to Jeff Holder Builders.
  • Accessible: Both Jeff and Bobby live at The Reserve and have their office just 1 mile off-site. They are available everyday and their subs are often working on other jobs for them at the Reserve and are readily available. Also, having the subs working within a limited area saves the home-owner travel and time expense.
  • Great bookkeeping: Whenever I had any concern about an expense, Jeff, Rodney and Bobby quickly reviewed and resolved it. Their books are extremely well organized and documentation is complete. In other words, they are watching out that no sub-vendors over-charge and ensure there are no billing mistakes.
  • They went .above and beyond the call of duty. to ensure that my family had a great home-building experience with as little stress as possible. This was the first home that we have built and everyone warned me that the process would challenge us beyond comprehension. Thanks to Jeff Holder Builders, I have a gorgeous 'dream' home and several new friendships for the future. Please do not hesitate to visit my home or call my husband or me for a reference.
  •   - Joe & Mary Lou P.